Latest Coronavirus Updates, infections, deaths and Details in Maldives on 01 – April 2020

How many cases of coronavirus in Maldives

In Maldives active Coronavirus cases are 5, while Now the Total cases are 18 from the 6/3/2020 date, as the first Coronavirus case was happened on 6/3/2020 in Maldives. The total recovered cases are 13 and is in serious condition

Wash your hands frequently: Protect Yourself from Coronavirus in Maldives

Viruses may be on your hands so regularly and thoroughly clean your hands and wash for 20 seconds. Hands touching many surfaces can pick up viruses like coronavirus. So hand can transfer virus to your eyes, mouth or nose. In this way Coronavirus can enter in your body and can make you sick.

Maintain social distancing: Protect Yourself from Coronavirus in Maldives

If you are too close the person coughing has the Coronavirus disease, as when someone coughs or sneezes they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain virus. So to stay safe from Coronavirus maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

If you have cough, fever and difficulty breathing, please seek medical care early because calling in advance will allow your health care providerto quickly direct you to the right health facility.

Practice respiratory hygiene

Droplets spread virus. To stay safe practice respiratory hygiene which protect the people around you from viruses such cold, flu and Coronavirus (COVID-19). Updated on 4/01/2020 – 2:19 GMT Source: aatechaffairs, WHO and worldometers

Coronavirus Cases Updates Country wise